History of Close-Up Photo (CU Photo)

Close-Up Photo was founded in 2013 based on the neeed to document activities in the laboratorymagic box-1. The development of suitable equipment to control the illumination started with a wizard’s equipment found in Clemens Antik, an antiquities store in Lund. The box was modified and found suitable for scientific photography in both scattered and transmitted light mode. Future developments are planned to include various triggering modes and programmable sequential light settings. The interest has also broadened to document different phenomena and objects in everyday life. The equipment toolbox has been extended – beyond the magic box.

Why CU Photo is useful for you

Professional imaging of small objects in scientific settings not only documents many important phenomena (see “Gallery”) but can also increase the ability to observe rich and complex events in the laboratory. In particular, time laps photography is very useful if you want to capture slow events. Appealing images is also an important way to market your innovations and discoveries. Live movies can capture rapid events and, in addition, drastically improve the impact of your presentations – if they reinforce your message.

CU Photo can help you produce high-quality scientific images for your particular need.


CU Photo is owned by Johan Borgström, who is the founder and operates with the help of advisors and subcontractors. Johan is a Chemical Engineer and holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Lund University. Subseqent to his PhD he has 14 years of experience from industrial R&D where he has worked in different roles to develop new formulations within several different businesses, for example industrial coatings, pharmaceutics and semiconductors and in both large and small companies.  Beeing a surface- and colloid chemist by training, specialised in polymers, gels, surfactants and dispersions he has also experience from nanotechnology as a project manager for Nano Connect Scandinavia.

Johan in the lab 20150401